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Digital pressure gauge
(Product Number: 26-050)

Product describtion:
Eco 1  
is a complete and economic digital pressure measuring instrument, it is a medium accuracy, but a high resulution and repeatability. The pressure is measured twice per second and displayed. The top display indicates the actual pressure, the bottom display shows the MAX or MIN: pressure since the last reset. ECO1 has two operating keys.The left key is to turn the instrument on and to execute its functions (the functions appear suc. 
Ranges ref: 0.....300 bar. 
Resolution: 100 mbar. 
Overpressure: 400 bar 
Accuracy: 0,5% Fs typ. 1% Fs max. 
Storage-/Oparatin temperature: 
-20....70 c / 0.....50 c. 
Compensated Temperature range: 0....50 c 
Supply: 3v battery type cr2430 
Battery life: 1000 h continuous operation. 
Pressure Connection.7/16 unf 
Protection, CEI 529 
Diameter xheight x depth: 59x95x32 mm. 
Weight.....125 gram.

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Digital Gauge ECO1
Price: 282.00 Euro

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